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Vets warn pet owners not to over-feed their animals

Posted by: Laura Varley  Date: 03/10/2013   Category: Latest News

Vets have hit back over claims that animals comfort eat, warning that owners who over-feed their pets are harming them.

According to telegraph.co.uk, it was reported on Sunday (29th of September) that new research from the Western University of Health Sciences College of Veterinary Medicine in California said that pets comfort eat much like humans do. The researchers suggested that owners of overweight pets should try to source the reason why their pets are stress eating, instead of cutting down the amount of food they give them.

In response, British vets have said that many owners believe that giving their pets more food is a way of showing they love them and this latest research reaffirms this “mistaken view”.

Overweight pets who are fed so much they can’t get out their dog or cat flap are becoming an increasing trend, which vets say is worrying.

President of the British Veterinary Association and practice owner, Robin Hargreaves, said that overfeeding pets could lead to serious health problems or even death.

“Too many people are killing their pets with kindness by overfeeding them,” he said. “And pet owners will do anything but decrease their animal’s food intake because they think it would be cruel. As a vet who encounters overweight animals every day, a report that doesn’t openly discourage overfeeding is worrying,” reports dailymail.co.uk.