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Video of dog teaching puppy to walk down stairs goes viral

Posted by: David Howells  Date: 14/01/2013   Category: Uncategorized

A video of a dog showing a puppy how to climb down stairs has gone viral after amassing over a million views on YouTube, telegraph.co.uk reports.

The video shows eight week-old puppy Daisy stood at the top of a small staircase after climbing up previously. Seeing the descent, however, Daisy gets scared and only manages the first step before retreating in fear, yelping all the while.

Daisy is helped in her cause, however, by fully-grown dog Simon, who makes numerous trips up and down the stairs to show the fearful pup just how it’s done. After much trepidation and a few failed attempts, Daisy manages to shakily make her way down the stairs, much to the delight of both Simon and the dogs’ foster owner Tim Doucette – who fosters pets and offers them dog beds and collars before full-time owners come forward.

Doucette then uploaded the video to YouTube where it quickly saw the visitor numbers soar. Now, over 1,250,000 people have viewed the clip in just two weeks, with more logging on every minute.

Speaking of the predicament, Doucette said it was simply as a result of Daisy’s headstrong personality, which got her up the staircase in the first place.

“If she wanted something, she would get it,” he told nydailynews.com.

Since filming the video, however, Daisy has had to navigate a number of new obstacles, potentially including a whole new staircase, as she has been adopted by new owners.