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VIP treatment behind the scenes at old age pooch homes

VIP treatment behind the scenes at old age pooch homes

Posted by: Chris Taylor  Date: 07/11/2012   Category: Uncategorized

A quick glimpse behind the doors of the nation’s old age dog rehoming facilities is enough to make anyone believe that the dogs there are getting just as good a treatment as their human peers.

Reporting from behind the scenes at the Dogs Trust Shrewsbury Rehoming Centre in Shropshire, express.co.uk suggests that high-class dining, luxury dog beds and pristine pampering sessions are all part and parcel of the old age pooch (OAP) experience.

From scrubbed-pine tabletop dining to expansive exercise areas and boxes absolutely jam-packed full of toys, it would appear that the residents of the centre have everything they need.

However, the truth of the matter is that the Dogs Trust is struggling to rehome the 664 residents of its rehoming centres, precisely because of their age. Ninety-five per cent of the dogs up for rehoming are over eight years old.

The Dogs Trust’s Giles Webber, who is in charge of rehoming, says that this situation has occurred because a number of dog owners aren’t flexible enough to keep a dog on into old age.

“Oldies, as we call them, tend to cope less well with being in kennels,” says Webber. “Like us, dogs become set in their ways as they age. Our job is to recognise what they need and give it to them.”

Louise Campbell, centre manager of the Oakfield home, added that adopting an older dog has plenty of advantages: “Not everyone has the time or patience to take on a puppy. Oldies are housetrained, they don’t need hours of walking every day and they’re often used to young children and cats.”

According to dogstrust.org.uk, the organisation cares for around 16,000 dogs each year across its nationwide network of 18 Rehoming Centres.