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Warning of anti freeze danger to pets

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 13/01/2014   Category: Latest News

Pet owners are being warned about the danger of anti freeze poisoning to their pets. As the winter approaches and the days are getting much colder, more people will be using anti freeze in their cars and unfortunately this could lead to even the smallest of drops being spilt onto peoples driveways which can be washed onto pavements quite easily. Just one small drop of anti freeze coolant can cause devastating effects to both cats and dogs and in some unfortunate cases can be fatal.

Anti freeze contains a dangerous toxin called ethylene glycol and this has a sweet scent and taste which lures pets to it and they begin to lick the substance. Without treatment the poisoning can quickly lead to death from even the smallest amount of it. Signs to look out for are vomiting, excessive drinking and urination and in some cases seizures.

The warning comes from The Animal Health Trust (AHT) and follows the unfortunate news that a staff member of the trusts cat had ingested the substance and died. Veterinary nurse Jody Blyth-Tancock said, “Poor Marshal’s passing came as such a shock for so many reasons. The last thing I would have suspected was anti freeze poisoning, particularly as the cold weather was yet to hit. It was heart breaking to watch him deteriorate so rapidly and highlights how quickly you have to act when poisoning is suspected.

If using anti freeze if it advisable to carry a cloth with you to wipe and spillages quickly and wash your hands thoroughly. Keep all bottles out of reach of pets and regularly check your car isn’t leaking. Whilst you cannot do a lot about neighbours spillages, keeps an eye out when in a residential area and also when crossing roads. If you think your pet may have licked some then call your vet immediately.