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Wheres the best place to leave your dog?

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 26/06/2015   Category: Blog

Ideally, we would all love to take our dogs on holiday with us however there will be times then this is not possible and you will need to look for a solution of someone to care to for your dog. There are three options available to you: boarding kennels, home boarding and dog sitting.

Traditional Kennels

By far the most well known option would be to use a traditional boarding kennel. There are a huge range of boarding kennels across the UK that varies in standards from basic kennelling systems to luxurious dog hotels. Within your area you will find a selection of kennels to view that may or may not meet your needs and expectations so you may have to travel further to find a suitable one.

Dog kennels may not be for everyone as it is a different environment to usual and can be more isolated than what they are used to however some dogs enjoy spending time with other dogs and fit in straight away. It is always recommended to view several kennels before making your choice and of course the best way to select the best kennel is through recommendation so ask other dog owners in your owner which they use. Any reputable kennel company will be more than willing to show you around the kennel explain day to day life for the dogs and welcome any questions you will have.

Financially, boarding kennels can come out as one of the cheaper options however you will need to ask what is included as some kennels offer a basic rate and then have additional costs for extra walks, food etc.

Home Dog Boarding

Home boarding is when your dog will stay in someones house whilst you are abraod giving your dog the sense of loving homely environment which allows dogs to stay as relaxed as possible. However, if you choose this option you must ensure you meet with the person with your dog and ask all questions you need to. Ensure you find out how many dogs your dog will be around as if they are all kept in one area you will need to know that your dog won’t find this too much and not enjoy their time. If your home boarder is a professional, they will limit the number of dogs to make the experience a positive one and can give enough attention to your dog.

Dog Sitting

Dog sitting is having an individual come and stay in your house whilst you are away. It is good for your dog as they do not have to relocate or get used to strange surroundings however the main issue with this choice is whether you are happy to have a stranger living in your home whilst you are not there. This will take a considerable amount of research to find someone that you trust and can leave your dog with. However there are other companies that do not live in your home but visit your home several times a day. This is also something you could consider however again you will need to trust the person visiting your home.

Whichever option you go for please choose carefully who you leave your dog with and always go on a personal recommendation.