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Which are the Best Dog Toys

Which are the Best Dog Toys

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 08/12/2011   Category: Dog Toys

A few months ago a friend of mine came into the office saying that his dog had been at the vets all night as she had swallowed part of a fluffy dog toy and choked, he had rushed her to the vet who had kept her in all night and hit him with a £400 vet bill.

In the UK the companies here seem to think that we can stitch a few bits of material together in the shape of an animal and our dogs will just love it. Wrong, they will just rip this to pieces in seconds and possible endanger their health in the process. Our pet shops are stuffed full of cheap dog toys that cost anything from 50p through to a few pounds, but the majority are very poorly made, poorly thought out and toys that do not stimulate the dog in any way.

These cheap fluffy toys always made to a price point may well get the owners excited but they invariably will not interest the dog in any way, as Christmas approaches I am sure that millions of dogs throughout the country are eagerly awaiting their fluffy dog toys in their stockings this year! Lets just hope that not too many of them choke or worse still die from these dangerous toys. The real innovation in dog toys mainly comes from American pet companies who clearly seem to think through the concept thet a toy should be fun, a boredom breaker and a product that stimulates them. Whether the dog toy is a retrieval object, a tugging device, whether it floats it has to have an objective to stimulate the dog. This means that the dog will enjoy the toy, is totally safe and give many hours of pleasure. Sure the American dog toys are more expensive but when you see what you get for your money these are well worth it.

Historically Kong dog toy company produced the worlds best selling dog toy as this was the first toy that seemed to be interactive and the Kongs could be stuffed with treats to give the dog hours of pleasure and fun. More recently companies like Planet Dog produced a very interesting range of dog toys that were not only of high quality but they were also impregnated with mint so this had a dual purpose of refreshing the dogs breath.

One great new company to come up with an excellent range of dog toys is West Paw Design as they have produced a virtually indestructible range of dog toys called Zogoflex, these are super strong and I have seen huge heavy goods vehicles reversing over these toys without causing them any harm. The company offer a once replacement warranty so they are confident that they stand unto the most aggressive of chewers. They have recently launched a new dog toy called the Zogoflex dog toy that can be thrown like a rocket, it floats and can be used as a tug but also can be stuffed with a treat so keep your dog happy for hours. All these great features in just one dog toy, this is one to check out for sure.

If you are looking for a high quality stimulating dog toys then make sure its from America! Feel free to contact us if you require any advice on choosing the correct toy for your dog.