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Which are the Best Wellington Boots?

Which are the Best Wellington Boots?

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 15/12/2011   Category: Seasonal Tips

With the winter fast approaching and many areas of the country have already been hit with the seasons first snow fall and lots of driving rain these are difficult times to be out walking the dog. If you have to brave the elements then it is important to have the correct gear to wear but especially footwear.

Now I have to admit that I hadn’t worn a pair of wellies since my youth and I was absolutely bowled over in advancements in welly technology over the years. Wellington boots are now not recognisable to the ones I used to wear which were so uncomfortable that I couldn’t wear them for more than 20 minutes at a time.

Hunter wellies made huge strides forward into establishing some style to the wellington buying sector and whether you were a farmer, a hunter or just wanted to be seen in them they were a step up from the primitive moulded wellies that had been sold for years. Hunter wellies are still sold in huge quantities today but the technology is dated and they are generally the same boots that have always been made with no sole technology and no insulation.

Of course if you are only nipping out on a rainy day for 15-20 minutes then cheap wellington boots might well be fine, but if you are out walking for a good length of time or over difficult terrain then thats when these new high tech wellies come into their own. Advancements in sole technology allow the base of the boots to flex and yet offer significant support, so a stony pathway or uneven field can be made much more comfortable for the walker. Insulated foam allows your feet to stay warm and high tech linings allow air to circulate, however the most significant difference is the level of comfort.

As you get used to the Grubs or Superlite boots your foot starts to mould in the boots and then you really can wear them all day if necessary. Friends of mine have purchased Grubs boots and now will be wearing them for 7 days a week as they spend much of their times outdoors with work and pleasure. If we do get really cold spells this winter I can certainly recommend the Grubs snow line boots as they have an extra level of insulation and can keep your feet warm and dry down to temperatures of -20 degrees.

If you do spend a lot of time outdoors or walk good distances then I would urge you to try some of these new high tech wellies as I am sure that you will never go back and these will become your standard footwear that you line up by your back door.