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Which are the Top 3 Selling Dog Clippers?

Which are the Top 3 Selling Dog Clippers?

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 06/12/2011   Category: Dog Grooming

In these difficult times more and more people are thinking twice about sending their dog to be clipped when faced with significant costs to keep a dog in good shape, sometimes some breeds need a trip to the dog grooming salon every 4-6 weeks. When you look at the payback time on the cost of investing in a good pair of dog clippers and appropriate blades being as little as 6 months it makes good sense to have a go and save yourself a small fortune over a dogs life.

At Easy animal we offer free advice and guidance so that you buy the right dog clippers for your breed and more importantly the right blade for your breed. Of course some breeds are more difficult to do than others but with a little guidance it can be very rewarding to walk out with a dog that you have clipped yourself, many breeds are quite easy to do and all you need is a little patience. The majority of dogs will prefer their owner to clip them rather than a stranger and so they will be more relaxed than a dog grooming salon staff member.

The key is to research your breed and ensure that you choose the right blade to use, however once you have the same equipment as the professional groomer would use you are off to a flying start. For real novices there are available a series of dog clipper blade attachments or grading combs that can be easily fitted onto your blade as you take your first few steps in dog grooming. These grading guards are very inexpensive and ensure that you don’t make a zealous error as you learn how to handle a dog clipper.

So which are the best dog clippers to use? Personally I would steer clear of Wahl dog clippers as these are generally human hair clippers that have been rebranded as ‘Dog Clippers’, they certainly are not powerful enough for pet hair which is generally a lot more aggressive and coarser then human hair and therefore they are prone to stalling and burning out. Every week I get a number of phone calls from customers who have gone to Argos and wasted hard earned money on a set of Wahl clippers that are just not unto the job.

As we have sold clippers to professional groomers, vets and dog owners for nearly 5 years now we can disclose that our top 3 selling clippers comprise of both Oster and Andis.

In 3rd place is the old workhorse the Oster 2 Speed dog clipper, this model has been manufactured for over 30 years now and has changed little, the majority of professional dog groomers would have been trained at college using this clipper and therefore many of them are reluctant to change when they have spent all their time using them. The design is not the most aesthetic and they can be a little on the noisy side but they still have a good following of loyal fans.

In 2nd place is the Andis AGC 2 speed dog clipper, these tend to be a little quieter than the Oster and also a little lighter so if you have a difficult coat to clip your wrists will ache less, the barrel size is slimmer so this fits more easily into smaller hands and therefore is more versatile.

In 1st place is the Andis Super 2 speed dog clipper, this dog clipper is used by serious enthusiasts and professional dog groomers as the speeds of the motor are slightly quicker than the Andis AGC 2 speed clipper and therefore it clips through a more difficult coat more easily, certainly if you have more than one dog to do then this clipper will save you time for sure. It generally is a very quiet dog clipper and is relatively light and easy to manoeuvre, as this is only slightly more expensive than the dog clipper in third and second place it is very easy to justify the extra financial cost to buy this outstanding dog clipper.

For free and impartial advice on choosing the right dog clipper or clipper blade then please call us on 08008498844.