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Why Do Dogs Bark?

Why Do Dogs Bark?

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 10/01/2012   Category: Dog Training

With so many people having issues with dog barking, we thought that they might benefit from some good advice to help with these dog barking problems, whilst this will not sort out all barking issues it certainly will help with alarge percentage of cases. Dogs are very bright animals in fact much brighter than most of us give them credit for. We often assume wrongly that a dog is stupid when in fact this has more to do with our inability to teach it something, the problem often lies with us as we fail to communicate the message to our dogs.

Dogs are really smart in fact more advanced intellectually than we give them credit for and we should never underestimate just what can be achieved if we communicate properly and train the dogs properly. Dogs are very social animals and they have a need to be part of the group, the pack , the family. When they were born they are part of a litter and communicate with their siblings, and to the same extent as they become part of your family they still have the same needs to communicate and be an integral part of your family.

They need to be stimulated, they need to interact, they need to smell new things and meet new people. As a dog develops it needs opportunities to learn, it needs to face new challenges and above all a dog needs to exercise to walk, run and explore. As a general rule the brighter your dog is the more of all these things a dog needs.

I often come across situations where dogs are locked up all day as their owners go out to work and then they wonder why the dog has been barking incessantly or been destructive during their absence. This is not rocket science, if you want a friendly stimulated sociable dog then you need to exercise it , integrate it and stimulate it on a regular basis, many behavioural issues are caused by a lack of these things in their life. Unfortunately some people understand this better than others or possibly some people possibly are able to provide this more than most.

Dogs need plenty of exercise, some breeds more then others of course, the working breeds, terriers have been developed for purposes that require many hours of daily exercise but as a general rule most dogs need at least 45-60 mins of exercise each day, some breeds need much more than this . So if you deny them this opportunity to burn off all this built up energy it is not surprising that they will become frustrated and vent their feelings through being destructive or take up nuisance barking.

If you are going to have to leave a dog for any length of time then the best idea is to take them out for a good walk to burn off this pent up energy then whilst you are out they will be sleeping and recovering rather than recreational barking. It is really important to fully understand your breeds capacity for exercise as not all dogs need the same amount of exercise and this can vary hugely from breed to breed, so you need to know how much exercise your breed needs and your breeder should be able to advise you on this.

Recreational Barking Causes

In the majority of cases where dogs are recreational barking if you study the daily routine of the owner the majority of these cases include little or no exercise or stimulation. Just letting a dog outside for a few minutes in the garden is not a solution or satisfactory because you happen to be running late for work. So you need to be fair to your dog and provide all the stimulation smells and exercise you can before you head off for your day.

Boredom , loneliness and unexpressed energy are at the core of nuisance barking and these need to be addressed, you need to restructure your life to make your dog and your neighbours happy. At Easy Animal we sell a wide range of dog training products and anti bark collars, why not call us on 01785 819507 for free dog training advice.