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Why do dogs just love ponds?

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 26/04/2013   Category: General

Some dogs are born to dive into any water near and get really excited by it however Poppy is more subdued and has never been one for swimming. She once slipped into our pond as a puppy after being very inquisitive and leaning a little bit too far but the shock of it was all too much for her and she has stayed far away from water ever since.
Unfortunately this came to end when Poppy decided to chase the cat around the garden forgetting how far Maisie can leap. Poppys jumping skills aren’t quite as polished and whilst Maisie leapt over the pond and up the fence Poppys jump left her right in the middle of an algae covered pond.
Not being much of a swimming, Poppys paddling saw her going round in circles despite trying to guide her over to the side. After giving up hope that she would realise how to move forward herself I had to get a bit wet and get her myself.
After a warm bath and a sleep she was back to her normal self and I doubt she would have learn her lesson from the pond. Chasing the cat is her number one past time, and I don’t think a dip in the pond is going to change that.
Even though she smells strongly of pond water and covered in algae, doesn’t she look beautiful as always?