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Why You Need To Choose A Poultry Net

Why You Need To Choose A Poultry Net

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 27/01/2012   Category: Poultry

If you have recently invested in keeping a few chickens and are being rewarded by some fantastic fresh eggs each day you will appreciate that you want to protect your feathered investment. Whilst chickens love to roam it is important that they are contained in some way so that they can be managed, more importantly however you need to find a way to prevent predators from getting at your chickens. Well more and more people are now using an poultry fences to surround their chickens which, contrary to popular belief, is neither cruel nor dangerous.

This provides a short, sharp, harmless shock to the inquisitive nose of the intruder which will both deter predators and keep your chickens where you want them. An instant success, this olive green electric netting is fast becoming our most popular net because it blends well into a garden or countryside.

Some people don’t want to electrify the poultry net and if they haven’t seen a fox locally they will just use the net for containment purposes. The great thing about this high quality poultry net is that it is flexible and by pushing the rods into the ground can be set up in no time which is great if you want to move the fence around. These poultry nets can be as temporary or as permanent as you like and they are very durable so should last for years. The lower region of these nets are manufactured with smaller squares so this is ideal for bantams or smaller birds.

If you decide that you do need to electrify the net then it would be best to look at our Hotline poultry kits which come complete with everything you need. The kits come complete with nets, rods energiser, fence testers and the all important “warning” sign, which is required for all electric fences. Normally a 25m net is fine for 2-4 birds, 50m for up to 10-12 birds and 100m for up to 30 birds, nets can also be easily joined together to create larger areas.

The very latest development in poultry fencing is the new ‘hot gate’ which is sold in the new ‘Hotline’ poultry kits , this allows a net to remain electrified as you open the gate to access the net, this clever new development saves you the hassle of turning off the power each time you entry/exit.

For further details on any of the poultry nets or poultry kits please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 0800 849 8844