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Woman remortgages house to help hunt for her dog

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 30/05/2013   Category: New Products

Dawn Maw had her dog stolen from her home in Barnsley five months ago now whilst putting her other dogs in the boot of her car. Believed to be a planned burglary, within seconds her dog, Angel was bundled into a white transit van and hasn’t been seen since. Despite huge efforts from family and the public, no sightings of Angel have been reported since she went missing in December. Dawn has now chosen to remortgage her property to enable her to pay for advertising to help find her beloved dog. Her only last hope is that Angel has been micro chipped and that soon Angel will have to see a vet and this should alert the vet who Angel belongs to.

Dawn Maws family are now trying to raise awareness of the importance of micro-chipping and how simple it is for a dog to be returned home when lost or stolen. Soon micro-chipping your dog will be a legal necessity in the UK and this should reduce the numbers of stray and lost dogs. A device called Halo  pet scanner can be used to scan the dogs microchip finding out all of the owners details. These only cost around £50 and using this alone can reunite a dog to its owner.