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World Dog Show 2013 about to begin

Posted by: Tim Berrisford  Date: 15/05/2013   Category: Latest News

The World Dog Show is about to begin! Based in Budapest, Hungary on 16th-19th May this dog show is set to attract a huge figure of over 18,000 dogs. The last time Hungary held the FCI Dog Show was back in 1996 so this is set to be a major event that has been carefully prepared. For only 10 euro for an adult ticket you can’t afford to miss this show. The Hungarian Kennel Club welcomes all visitors to the show and looks forward to four days of dog showing competitions and related events. The British Kennel Club will be present at the show promoting Crufts in the UK as well as Our Dogs newspaper reporting the show and there will be several other representatives from all over the world promotion other forthcoming events and shows.
There will be a total of 220 judges adjudicating the shows from five different continents including several British judges. A note worth taking is included in the top 20 breeds to be shown are four breeds that are not recognised within the UK by the British Kennel Club. These are the Jack Russell Terrier, The Cane Corso, The American Staffordshire Terrier and the Dogo Argentino. It is not too late to buy your tickets and with the venue open 10am-7pm it would be a full day out for you to enjoy and with great public transport in the surrounding areas; it is extremely simple to get there. Enjoy the show!