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Purchase this newly designed stainless steel dog run panel to complete your dog run. It will enable your dogs to be fed and watered throughout the day safely and hygienically.

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We have just taken stock of the newly designed dog run panel dog bowl. It has been designed to fit all dog run panels and be the most hygienic dog bowl on the current market. Simply slot the bowl in place and gently pull it to remove. It is so simple to use and due to this modern and sleek design means no food or residue can get stuck in or around the bowl meaning it can be kept exceptionally clean.

The bowls are available in two sizes to choose from, 2 quart (80oz) and 3 quart (120oz) so you can provide food and water throughout the day and for more than one dog.

The bowls are great for any breed as they can be fitted at any height within the dog run so you can create the perfect level for eating and drinking.

These bowls are extremely simple to clean and are completely safe to be left with your dog, they cannot by removed by a dog and a dog can’t get stuck on the bowl unlike other conventional bowls that have hooks.



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