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Buy the Eyenimal the worlds first pet video camera. See where your pet goes on his travels, whos feeding them and if they are being mistreated, at last you have the evidence.The Eyenimal Pet Camera is very small and light. It has an 8 GB flash memory and an integrated microphone.
Just the gadget for anyone who wants to know what their pet gets up to when they are away. Further Details


Eyenimal the worlds first pet video camera.

A great way to immortalize your pet on video, tell the story of his or her life, the exciting discoveries, the chance encounters and wild adventures, to reveal his or her travels and capture all those happy and funny pet moments !

The new eyenimal records 2.5 hours of video which is then transferred to your PC with a usb cable in great picture resolution. The video camera is ultralight and only weighs 35g si is ideal for cats and dogs and is showerproof.

Now you can find out where your pet goes to, whether someone else is feeding him or even if your pet is being mistreated.

Eyenimal Technical Data

Flash memory 8 GB

Micro voice registrering integrated

Video transfer and battery recharge via USB connection

Battery life 2h30

Waterproofness showerproof

Video capture resolution 680 x 480 pixels

Compatibility Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Windows 7, Vista, Mac OS 10.x et Linux

Registering format AVI Temperature of use from 0°C to +40°C

Video capture 29 images per second

Dimensions in mm 60x45x15

Weight 35g

Eyenimal Frequently Asked Questions

How does the video camera work? The video camera firmly attaches to your pet’s collar thanks to its especially-designed fastening clip. With the video camera safely in place, press the Record button to start recording. When you have finished recording, recover the camera and connect it to your PC using the USB cable provided. The recorded video sequences can then be viewed directly onto your computer screen without the need for any drivers or installation CDs.

How to recharge the battery? The battery is charged automatically when the video camera is connected to your PC via the USB cable.

Is the video camera waterproof? In the course of their outdoor wanderings, cats and dogs can find themselves in humid or wet environments. Thanks to its waterproof casing, this video camera can be used in wet or damp conditions and even in the rain. However, this camera has not been designed to be fully submerged in water (like when your dog decides to take a dive or have a swim in the lake!).

Is it the same model for both cats and dogs? Yes. Thanks to its especially-designed fastening clip, the camera can be fitted to collars from 1 to 3cm wide.

Can this camera be harmful to my pet? This video camera can by no means be harmful to your pet. Once in place, your pet will forget it’s there! However, cat owners are advised to take the usual precautions associated with the use of a collar. It is recommended that cats be fitted with a safety or breakaway-type collar: these safety collars are entirely made of plastic or nylon and consist of two parts connected by an expandable elasticated portion for your cat’s safety.




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