• How do these compare to PVC or GRP kennels?

    The difference is significant, these are fully structural tested by structural engineers and designed to last for 20+ years. GRP kennels are not structural in the same way and life expectancy is much shorter. One of the main differences is that our kennels are 6 x more efficient thermally.

  • How secure are your kennels?

    We take security seriously as there is an increasing problem with dog theft particularly from breeders. Our kennels are the most secure on there as all are fitted with high security locks and anti-tamper hinges. If you want a kennel solution to keep your dogs safe these are the solution.

  • How quiet are your kennels?

    We specially chose the material we use as it has good acoustic properties. This means that these are the quietest kennels on the market which is great news for your neighbours. In the past we have been involved with noise surveys so do understand these issues and will help you with noise related planning applications.

  • Do you do site visits?

    We are here to help and advise you. In the first instance we will try to obtain as much information from you as we can by telephone and email. For smaller kennels this works well but for a larger kennel or a commercial kennel project we would arrange a site visit if necessary. We travel all over the UK discussing kennels and catteries.

  • Are these made to the new licensing guidelines?

    Our kennels actually exceed the new Defra guidelines so we have made sure that we future-proof all the buildings we make. These are long term solutions that are manufactured to be used by commercial kennels so they need to be made to the highest standards.

  • Do you make these yourself?

    Yes we manufacture these in our warehouse in Stone, Staffordshire. You are welcome to visit us and see these being made or to take a look at our demonstrator kennel at our offices.