Easy Animal support the Greyhound Gap Charity

Supporting Greyhound Gap

When we decided to help to raise some funds for a local dog charity we did our research, with so many good causes out there it was an extremely difficult choice to make.

However Greyhound Gap were the charity we chose as they really do a fantastic job to help the lives of homeless hounds, Lisa Cartwright and her dedicated team of volunteers do such a tremendous job saving the many lives of greyhounds that would otherwise be put to sleep.

Dedication to A fantastic cause

If there was ever a charity that utilizes your funds wisely and works tirelessly for such a good cause this is it. They go the extra mile and we really liked such inner belief and dedication and they seemed to make a difference and we are pleased and proud to be able to raise money for such a great cause.

This was highlighted recently when I got an email from Lisa to say she had taken into the pound a hound that was in urgent need of an operation to save his life, but with no funds available she went into overdrive and put out an urgent request for funds to pay the vets fees. Gladly many people helped and another dog’s life was saved.

Greyhound GAP
Greyhound Gap Charity

How you can help to support greyhound gap

At Easy Animal we want to try to help Lisa and her team in any way we can so we are so grateful if you can make a small contribution to the Greyhound Gap cause, whether this is just leaving a few pennies or a few pounds in the balance of your order. As you checkout there is a box where you can donate if you feel you would like to help.

Greyhound Gap are currently spending many thousands of pounds each month in kenneling fees to house dogs in the hope that they can find their forever homes, consequently they are trying to raise £100,000 to build a new kennel so that they can help more dogs more cost effectively, please help us to help them every penny donated will go directly to Greyhound Gap charity.