Molly Mutt La Vie En Rose Duvet Cover


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Now includes a FREE stuff sack! Worth £9.99!

Buy the Molly Mutt La Vie En Rose Dog Bed Duvet Cover. Britains first eco dog bed! Made from a high quality 100% cotton and gussest for extra style and comfort, stand up to repeated washing and preshrunk.

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Molly Mutt La Vie En Rose Duvet Cover

Taking our classic "Your hand in mine" pattern & giving you a classy pink & grey colour combination. Great for those with female dogs!

Now includes a FREE stuff sack! 

The Molly Mutt concept is simple. Fill the stuff sack with your old clothes, blankets or old dog bed filler, and then just add a duvet with the design of your choice. Your pet gets a brand new, easily washable, fashionable dog bed, and you recycle old unwanted items, keeping them out of landfill sites.

The comforting smell of your old stuff may help your favourite dog sleep better!

 Molly Mutt Duvet Covers are manufactured from a durable cotton/canvas blend that stands up to washing dozens of times without fade or wear and in comparison, most mass market dog beds don't last long at all.

For green-minded customers, you'll love the idea of "re-purposing" old clothes, pillows and blankets.
Your pet will love the Molly Mutt beds, simply because the clothes you fill the stuffsack with contain their owners scent, this means that dogs generally adopt to Molly Mutt beds a lot easier and quicker.

The combination of the stuffsack and the duvet cover, means that cleaning becomes extremely easy.
The stuff sack and all its contents can be put straight into the washing machine, as can the duvet cover.

Also, with multiple Molly Mutt duvet covers, when one comes off to go in the wash, another can go straight on, so keeping your pets bed clean couldn't be easier.
Molly Mutt beds are also ideal for travelling.

Use the stuff sack to organize your old blankets, pillows & clothes on the inside of your duvet.

Molly Mutt La Vie En Rose Dog Bed Duvet Cover Sizing

Small - 22" x 27" x 5"

Medium/Large - 27" x 36" x 5"

Huge - 36" x 45" x 5"



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