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Catteries (2)

These innovative catteries are an exciting development... Read more

Made to Measure. Built to Last.

Tested by structural engineers

We wanted to produce animal housing that really lasts so we have had our system tested structurally.

Withstands most extreme weather

Imagine the most extreme weather situation and ask yourself will your kennel or cattery survive this, heavy snowfall, gale-force winds, driving rain? Ours will.

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Tailored kennel or cattery designs to match your unique specification whilst meeting UK legislation.


These innovative catteries are an exciting development to the cattery market.  Up until now only wood or pvc catteries have been made but our feedback from owners has indicated that these could be improved.

We believe we now have a cattery system that overcomes many of these issues and our new thermal catteries provide a better environment to board cats in.

Whilst this is a relatively new marketplace for us we will be developing these over the next few months as we work with owners of catteries to achieve a higher standard of cattery.