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3/4 Mix Dividing Panels

from £120.00

These strong and durable 3/4 Mix Dividing panels keep dogs apart as divider panels in dog runs. They are often used on the perimeter to protect dogs from the wind and rain. Available in 1m, 1.5m and 2m widths

About 3/4 Mix Dividing Panels

These 3/4 Mix Dividing Panels are designed to eliminate wind chill factors and protect your dog from the elements, including the sun, creating a much needed spot of shade during the summer months.Our 3/4 draught screen dog run panels come with a lifetime warranty.

These 3/4 mix panels are often used in kennels as dividing panels for separating dogs  so they can’t attack each other or get to each other. The bottom 3/4 of the panel is manufactured from a profiled galvanised sheet and the top 1/4 from our 5cm gap bars.

These top quality hot-dipped galvanised dog panels for the construction of dog runs are pre-drilled for easy construction and all the required fixings are included. All the panels are universally drilled to adapt to most other makes of galvanized dog run panels.

We want you to be pleased with the quality of our panels so all our dog panels are manufactured to European and British standards, these 3/4 panels are exceptionally strong and will protect dogs.

These panels are strong and durable and provide an important safety purpose for dog run owners. They are currently available in 1m, 1.5m and 2m widths and they are 1.84m high.


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