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Apex Insulated Dog Kennels

These innovative Apex Insulated Dog Kennels are designed to perform. Fully structural kennels that will withstand the most extreme weather, they are thermally efficient so super warm  and low cost to heat.

They are manufactured in house to customers own specifications so any size can be made. If you are looking for a long term kennel solution then please get in touch. Also see our White Apex Thermal Kennels

UK Legislation compliant - DEFRA Animal Welfare Regulations 2018

Our kennels and catteries meet and exceed the current boarding regulations under the DEFRA Animal Welfare Regulations 2018

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  • Unrivalled Strength

    & Durability

    Tested by Structural Engineers

  • Most Thermally Efficient
    on the Market

    6 x more compared to PVC or GRP

  • High-level Security

    Designed to keep your dogs safe

  • Improved Noise

    Reduce unwanted barking noise

About Apex Insulated Dog Kennels

Our Apex Insulated Dog Kennels are designed with a pitched roof to look more like a traditional building. The new Woodgrain material will blend into any setting or location  rural or even urban. Its designed to look like wood and yet has none of the negative elements of wood as a material

These kennels are fully structural so they have been tested by structural engineers and they are manufactured to exceed the new commercial kennel guidelines.

They are designed to be durable and long term so that they are a great investment and they will withstand any type of extreme weather. Whether its high wind speeds, heavy snowfall or torrential rain these fortified kennels should perform for over 20 years.

The unique thermal material we use has excellent thermal properties so the kennels retain the heat in the cold winter months with minimal heating. In the summer the reverse happens and it keeps the kennels cool during very hot spells which is great news for your dogs.

We take kennel security seriously so we upgraded all our kennels to include high security locks to deter theft, these are the most secure kennels currently available.

This system is manufactured on a galvanised raft with adjustable feet so its very easy to adjust and set the kennel and it will sit on any surface which can make significant savings in groundwork costs.

All our door systems are high security and come with inspection windows and anti scratch backs to the doors. We also fit commercial grade sliding hatches for these kennels that can be operated from outside the kennel which is particularly important if you have a difficult or dangerous dog.

A significant benefit of this system is that it offers very good acoustic properties so these kennels are quieter than others which is important if you are locating this near to a neighbour.

The roof systems are structural and well insulated but they are designed so they do not sag , bow or bend. They can be manufactured with either a flush roof or with an overhang which are very popular as they offer protection from the weather and look great.

We offer two different types of flooring with these kennels one is a phenolic waterproof  board and the other is a recycled rigid plastic which had good anti slip properties. Both types can be removed for cleaning if required.

These Apex Insulated Dog Kennels are hygienic, for this reason we chose a material that is really easy to clean and maintain. Also thanks to our unique sealing system you will not experience cross contamination from one bay to the next.




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