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Isolation Kennels

If you need an Isolation Kennels away from your main kennel area then we have a great solution for you. These structural kennels are strong and very well insulated, the perfect environment to care for sick or unwell dogs.

UK Legislation compliant - DEFRA Animal Welfare Regulations 2018

Our kennels and catteries meet and exceed the current boarding regulations under the DEFRA Animal Welfare Regulations 2018

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  • Unrivalled Strength

    & Durability

    Tested by Structural Engineers

  • Most Thermally Efficient
    on the Market

    6 x more compared to PVC or GRP

  • High-level Security

    Designed to keep your dogs safe

  • Improved Noise

    Reduce unwanted barking noise

About Isolation Kennels

If you are looking to isolate or quarantine a dog then our Isolation Kennels offer many significant benefits. All kennel owners from time to time get an unwell dog that needs caring for.

When this happens its vital that you have a facility to isolate this dog so it can be cared for separately from your main kennel area in case it has an illness that can spread to other dogs. Like humans when dogs are poorly they need a quiet, warm space to recover in so these kennels provide this important area.

This is a prerequisite of the new licensing guidelines so if you are a commercial kennel then you need to have one of these kennels away from your main kennel area. Another advantage of these kennels is that as they are positioned away from your main kennel block they can be used also as a safe haven for nervous dogs who are struggling in the kennel environment.

These kennels are fully structural and built to last and be very durable. They have excellent thermal properties so are very warm in the winter and cool in the summer . They also have good acoustic properties so they provide a quiet calm space for dogs to recover in.

These Isolation kennels are completely bespoke so we can design and build any size or configuration you need. Just contact us to discuss your requirements and check out our insulated dog kennels.


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