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Kennel Blocks

Our new innovative commercial kennel blocks are designed to your specification. This is a bespoke kennel system so come and talk to the leaders in kennel construction and let us build a system for you that is fully structural, thermally efficient and will perform in any kennel environment.

We do site visits across the country so please contact us to discuss the possibilities or come to see us.

  • Designed to withstand the most extreme weather
  • Fully Structural
  • No need to put down expensive concrete base
  • Manufactured on a structural galvanised raft
  • Easy to clean, low maintenance
  • 6 times more thermally efficient than PVC or GRP
  • Very good acoustic properties
  • High Security
  • Conforms to The Animal Welfare Regulation 2018

UK Legislation compliant - DEFRA Animal Welfare Regulations 2018

Our kennels and catteries meet and exceed the current boarding regulations under the DEFRA Animal Welfare Regulations 2018

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  • Unrivalled Strength

    & Durability

    Tested by Structural Engineers

  • Most Thermally Efficient
    on the Market

    6 x more compared to PVC or GRP

  • High-level Security

    Designed to keep your dogs safe

  • Improved Noise

    Reduce unwanted barking noise

About Kennel Blocks

These kennel blocks are a fantastic modular system that is sure to be of interest to all kennel owners. This fully structural new system has been designed to perform in a harsh kennel environment over many years.

It is strong, durable and scratch resistant, designed to be easily cleaned daily and yet provide a nice warm environment to house all breeds of dogs.

This system has been designed over many years from our experience in selling commercial kennels so we understand this marketplace and how challenging it can be.

Our kennel blocks are manufactured using a very thermally efficient material that has been designed to keep dogs warm in winter with minimal heating so there are significant savings in running costs.

In warmer periods the reverse happens and the kennels remain very cool which makes these buildings a nice environment for both the dogs and the kennel operators.  This means that the challenging demands of the dog professional are met as it allows them to work indoors regardless the outside weather conditions.

Noise is often a concern where large numbers of dogs are housed in a concentrated area. The good news is that these kennels offer good acoustic properties so they tend to be quieter than other systems available.

We take kennel security seriously and all our doors are fitted with high security locks to keep the dogs safe.

These kennel blocks are designed to suit a customer’s requirements so we can tailor the building to ensure you get exactly the features you need before we commence manufacturing.

We can build access corridors, sleeping areas and run areas to exceed the new licensing guidelines. These kennels can be designed with security corridors to ensure that dogs are contained at all times.

These kennel blocks are recommended for all dog breeds and canine businesses, boarding kennels, breeding kennels, dog training centres, dog shelters and charities.

If you are looking for a new kennel then please get in touch to discuss the possibilities. If you are looking for a larger kennel then take a look at our commercial dog kennels as we work with Europe’s largest and most experienced kennel manufacturer.





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