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Radiant Kennel Heaters

from £135.00

These Radiant kennel heaters are the most cost effective way of heating a kennel or cattery. The running costs are as low as 4 pence per hour to run so there are huge savings over conventional ways of heating kennels.

The larger the kennel the greater the saving, these can be run on a thermostat so you just set the required temperature or they can be run off a timer.

  • Radiant Kennel Heaters Benefits
  • Ultra slim Design Energy Efficient
  • Comfortable natural heat
  • Gentle for allergy sufferers
  • Warms dogs and kennel walls directly
  • Stylish finish
  • Easy install
  • Range of sizes and designs available
  • Can be wall mounted, suspended, ceiling mounted and free standing (feet sold separately)
  • Compatible with thermostat (sold separately)
  • • 5 Year manufacturer’s warranty

About Radiant Kennel Heaters

Radiant kennel heaters for dog kennels and catteries. These  infrared heaters are ideal for dog kennels as they are very effective and yet incredibly efficient saving you up to 60% on your electricity used.

The radiant panel is manufactured from aluminium which is very durable and easy to clean. These radiant kennel heaters can be wall mounted or ceiling mounted although it is better to fix these as high as you can away from splashes of water. These heaters are IP40 rated, so they protected against splashes of water. Cleaning your kennel heaters is easy just wipe them down occasionally with a clean damp cloth.

These kennel heaters works by firing infrared beams around your dog kennel, which bounce off of the objects in there, leaving them warm. The heat that infrared heaters provide is clean, dry, and non-stuffy as it reduces cold spots and circulating dust so it’s a healthier environment for your dog.
A significant advantage of these types of heaters is that they are super efficient and you should notice significant savings over other types of heating systems.

These heaters come in two sizes 360watt 600mmx 600mm) and 600watt (1000mm x 600mm). The 360watt kennel heater is ideal for a dog kennel 8m square area and the 600watt will heat a kennel area up to 15metres square

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