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Security Dog Kennels

If you’re looking for Security dog kennels then we would love to hear from you.

Our kennel systems have been designed specifically to house security and personal protection dogs. They are the most secure kennels on the market, so they are the perfect solution for your dog.

  • Most secure kennels on the market
  • Designed to your specification
  • High security locks
  • Built to commercial kennel standards

UK Legislation compliant - DEFRA Animal Welfare Regulations 2018

Our kennels and catteries meet and exceed the current boarding regulations under the DEFRA Animal Welfare Regulations 2018

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  • Unrivalled Strength

    & Durability

    Tested by Structural Engineers

  • Most Thermally Efficient
    on the Market

    6 x more compared to PVC or GRP

  • High-level Security

    Designed to keep your dogs safe

  • Improved Noise

    Reduce unwanted barking noise

About Security Dog Kennels

These Security Dog Kennels are the best kennels on the market for housing high drive dogs. As crime levels rise in the UK many customers are looking to protect their assets with security dogs.

These highly trained working dogs have one purpose and that is to protect a family and their property from criminal intent. Its often an extra security measure that a family make alongside more tradition security like cctv systems and alarms.

Families that invest in such a dog will often feel safer as these dogs patrol their boundaries and are trained to take down an intruder quickly and efficiently. This extra level of security doesn’t come cheaply as hundreds of hours of training goes into making sure that the dog understands the commands and the role it has been undertaken to perform.

For the majority of time these dogs are loving family pets and they just wait for the signal to move into action. Such an investment needs a great place to live and we make these security kennels so they can live comfortably in a kennel that has been designed to house these high drive dogs.

Most other kennels on the market would not be suitable  for this type of dog as they need to be stronger and more durable. Our kennels are the only fully structural kennel on the market so they are designed to last.

We build these to commercial kennel standards and they offer unrivalled thermal qualities. Our kennels can be supplied in different sizes and layouts so we will build these to suit the space available and what you need.

All our kennels are fitted with high security locks and anti tamper hinges as we need to make sure these are the most secure available.

These security dog kennels are installed by our trained team to ensure that you have a great kennel system that will perform in the long term.

You can also fit lighting, heating systems and CCTV into our kennels if required.

To explore the possibilities please get in touch with us, all enquiries are dealt with in total confidentiality.


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