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Whelping Kennels

These new Whelping Kennels provide the perfect environment to breed dogs in. From an individual kennel through to a range of kennel suites, we can build cost effective, long term solutions to raise young puppies in.

These are a unique kennel system for the professional dog breeder looking for a fit for purpose structure.

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About Whelping Kennels

Our new whelping kennels are proving to be a popular addition to our range of dog kennels. For the serious breeder they provide a fabulous long term kennel solution for dog breeders in the UK.

This exciting range of structural buildings are designed to create the ideal environment to raise puppies and to whelp dogs in a safe, warm space that is also easy to clean.

These whelping kennels are totally bespoke so we can design any size of building from a stand alone individual structure to a large kennel suite of whelping bays.  We also offer the option of adding access corridors and security corridors if required.

Our kennel designers will work closely with you to ensure that we design this so that it exceeds the new DEFRA kennel guidelines and that we create a kennel that can be easily maintained. Once the specification of your new building has been agreed we provide full cad drawings so you can see exactly what you will be getting before ordering.

Our kennels are warm and are so easy to clean with antibacterial surfaces which can be wiped down and also hygienic kennel floors that are non porous and drain correctly during cleaning.

These whelping kennels can de designed with integral utility rooms for the purposes of  food storage and prep, reception areas and medical rooms.

Our insulated walls and ceilings are available in 40mm or 60mm thicknesses with excellent thermal properties so we can ensure that all puppies and young dogs have an excellent start to life. The whelping kennel areas can be designed so that we offer removeable low barriers to contain the puppies in a smaller area with the option for the bitch to easily get away from her offspring when she needs to.

These whelping rooms can also be fitted with whelping hatches too which can easily convert into a normal sliding hatch when required. We can also supply automatic water bowls to ensure a constant supply of water and also the option of rotational feeder systems too,

When these whelping suites are not in use these can be used as a more conventional commercial kennel.

If you would like to know more about the options for professional dog breeders then why not get in touch to discuss the possibilities on If youre looking for something smaller then please take a look at our other dog breeding kennels.


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