Best Dog Cabins For Sale?

So, which really are the best dog cabins for sale? There are a lot of dog cabins to choose from and getting this right can be something of a challenge.

Wood Dog Cabins

A few years ago there was really only wood dog cabins available but things have changed with the development of new materials.  Wood is a living material that expands and contracts and can shrink as the wood dries out. Unfortunately it absorbs moisture and it is anything but smooth which makes it incredibly difficult to clean.

Wood cabins can harbor germs and bacteria which means that these are a potential health risk for your dogs. They do look very natural and they are quite inexpensive to make so they still have some popularity. As dogs can chew them we would recommend that anti chew strips are added to the cabin otherwise your dog might just eat and destroy your cabin.

Phenolic Dog Cabins

Phenolic dog cabins have been available for quite a few years now and this material is also wood based but it’s a compressed and completely waterproof. Therefore this has been really popular with owners of working dogs as they often have wet dogs to house when returning from a day out in the field.

These phenolic cabins do have a place in the market as they are strong and impervious to water, there only downside is that they don’t offer any insulation benefits at all. This disadvantage really means that they are not ideal for use during the colder winter months.

Plastic Dog Cabins

Plastic dog cabins perform very similar to the phenolic cabins as they are an impervious material that is easy to clean so good for wet, muddy dogs. The downside to these type of cabins is that again they offer no thermal benefits as there is no insulation at all. These tend to be used in the spring and summer months but really are not ideal for the colder times.

GRP Dog cabins

GRP is a wipe clean material which is great for cleaning the mess left by wet muddy dogs. GRP is quite a soft material so it does tend to scratch and then when you wipe it the dirt sits in these scratches making the cabins look shabby quite quickly.

Most GRP dog cabins do offer a little insulation but this does vary depending on the thickness and quality of the panels. If it’s a high quality insulated panel that is used then these type of cabins can be used all year around. Many of these type of cabins we have seen have nuts protruding on the inside of the cabin which are a potential health risk to your dogs.

Insulated Dog Cabins

We have always tried to develop and refine a product so that it is the best on the market. Our cabins are fully structural and built to last. In fact you could actually stand on our cabins without causing any damage.

These bulletproof dog cabins are the best on the market and will last for many years to come. They are scratch resistant and with 40mm of insulation they are ideal for use all year around. Fully chew-proof cabins that really do work, these are strong, well insulated and will look great in any setting.

If you would like any free advise on which are the best dog cabins for sale then please call us on 01785 559555 or email us at and we will be pleased to help. Alternatively take a look at our range of thermal cabins.

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