Boarding Kennel Owners in Crisis

The pandemic has been life changing for so many businesses but particularly for boarding kennel owners.

For over 12 months the government have been telling everyone to stay at home and not to travel. This message has literally bought large sectors of industry to a standstill, whilst some areas have flourished the travel industry in particular has really suffered with many businesses on their knees.

Travel agents have seen mass redundancies as there has been virtually nobody travelling at all for the best part of 12 months. Sadly this has also had a devastating effect on associated businesses linked to the travel industry.

If nobody travels, then the demand for boarding kennels is very limited and many kennel owners have had very little trade. It’s been a real struggle for so many commercial kennels all over the country. Staff have been lost and expansion projects have been put on hold, as many kennels have struggled to survive.

Unfortunately at least 2% of kennels throughout the UK have already closed with many more very close to the brink. During this time the government have handed out large sums of aid and support for so many sectors but absolutely nothing for boarding kennel owners.

How unfair is it that whilst some sectors have had considerable and yet other areas of business absolutely zero help? If this pandemic continues and we are already getting reports from government advisers of another wave in the autumn, then I fear that it will cause a very serious crisis for our kennels.

These businesses cannot last any longer, they have hardly any turnover and without some support from the government we face large sections of these operations disappearing forever. Our own opinions is that as no assistance has been offered to date that it is unlikely that kennels will get any now.

So if the rollout of vaccinations don’t entice people to start travelling very soon it maybe too late. Boarding kennel owners need to start to look at ways of diversifying to try to make up the lost revenue. Some are looking at introducing day-care facilities, some are starting dog walking services and others are looking to introduce grooming or training courses.

Whatever they can do to start to generate income is very welcome and will help them in the short term but what’s really needed is for  a stimulus for people to travel.


With so many boarding kennel owners in crisis its imperative that you contact your local MP to highlight the dire situation that owners of kennels face. This is so important that you try to offer your support in anyway that you can as this virus is here to stay and will have a long term impact on our hard working kennel industry.

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