Boarding Kennel Trends For Kennel Owners

Boarding kennels have had a tough time over the last few years let’s face it. The pandemic and the lockdowns resulted in many kennel owners and businesses closing down and being driven out of the market.

It just wasn’t viable for many and it’s only more recently that this situation has changed thankfully. Now there seems to be a new spirit of optimism as people are travelling and therefore they need to use the valuable service of boarding kennels once again.

During the pandemic the guidelines were reviewed and became more onerous putting more emphasis on dog welfare for many kennel owners. The licensing from their local councils started to implement these changes and inadvertently it has meant that most kennels across the country have had to improve.

In many ways it pushed kennel owners to a crossroads, did they want to invest and improve, and it certainly made many owners face a difficult decision. Some who were perhaps of an age, decided to graciously sell and retire or even just close down as they lived on site.

This cleansing process is happening right now all over the country, some owners just didn’t have the funds nor the energy to upgrade their kennels so they were  forced into a difficult decision.

However those that did invest have reaped the rewards for their vision and hard work. These will benefit from this investment for years to come as these kennels are mopping up the excess business from those that didn’t.

The improvements mean that the councils are happy, and so are the kennel owners as they have boarding kennels that exceed the guidelines. They will experience higher levels of business than previously, which ultimately improves their profits. Most importantly though is that the welfare of the dogs has improved so it’s a win-win scenario.

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