Challenge Anneka Kennels Refurbished

So Anneka Rice is back after 30 years since ‘Challenge Anneka’ was on TV the legendary presenter is back in her jumpsuit to help a charity for rescue animals. We were approached to help Anneka to rebuild the old tired kennels at Foal Farm Rescue Centre in Kent.

Never ones to shy away from such a worthy cause we offered our services to completely rebuild and to increase the capacity at the animal shelter.

We were chosen from all the other kennel companies to provide a higher standard of kennelling that would enhance the rescue dogs welfare, into state of the art dog kennels.

The weather that hit the site as we were doing the build was horrendous, the site was completely flooded with water coming up through the drains as we worked. There was over 100 workmen on site trying to complete all the tasks in the different areas like the new exercise garden and the hydrotherapy pool for dogs.

Our main issue for our kennel installing team was that the base was worse than we had hoped for with many falls in the wrong places and high spots. It was also a very hard composition which tested our equipment to the limits. With such a short timeframe to build these kennels we had to overcome so many challenges including other trades in our workspace, power cuts and extremely long hours.

Fortunately Nick White the manager at Foal Farm and his whole team were so friendly and helpful throughout the whole build that we were determined to not let our customer down.

This programme is being shown on Saturday 18th March on Channel 5, watch us work tirelessly to help to improve the lives of these abandoned dogs.

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