Demand for Dog Breeding Kennels

I have been pleasantly surprised during the last few weeks how many enquiries we have had for dog breeding kennels. There seems a surprising level of positivity out there for kennels and catteries which is great news. Despite everything that has happened over the last few months the show must go on and its very encouraging to see.

Many people are now searching for ways to create a living with animals and looking at ways to work from home. As we’re heading into the summer months, it seems to me like it’s the perfect time to start up a new dog kennel business, and for existing ones to adapt to all of the learnings of recent times.

If there is one important lesson to learn, it’s that what worked before perhaps won’t work so well now. The world has changed and for the time being it’s important to recognise this, your kennel business will need to possibly change and diversify to survive.

Some might upscale, some might downsize, but they will all hopefully refocus on being more profitable. It’s time to take a really hard look at your business model and see what needs improving or changing.

The shoots of recovery are clear to see, even if the marketplace might has changed. People have dogs now just as they did before this crisis. These dogs need exercising, training, grooming, caring for so there are lots of opportunities out there. Now is the time to be innovative and think outside the box. Those kennel businesses that do adapt are sure to win in the long term.

During this crisis many people have taken on puppies and dogs, this surge in demand has driven up the prices of puppies and many breeders have benefited from this. They now can see a way ahead and many are planning to expand what they have so are looking to buy dog breeding kennels. Our dog breeder kennels are second to none and we will work with you to give you a fully structural, insulated kennel which is perfect for breeding puppies.

I’m speaking to new kennel and cattery customers everyday looking for ideas and innovative housing solutions for their animals.   Existing businesses are looking to change their processes for the better. Many different areas of the industry are restructuring their businesses due to the virus, but I think instead of uncertain times we should be calling these potentially exciting times.

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