Design a Dog Kennel Competition


We are launching an online competition to design a dog kennel. At last you can really stretch your imagination and build the kennel of your dreams. It doesn’t matter whether this is state of the art high tech or whether its more traditional looking. Or maybe you might want to build it from recycled materials?

So think about what features are important to you? What materials will you use? What would you like to see in a kennel that is not already available? Try to think outside the box and be as creative as you can. What would look amazing sitting in your garden, or what would your dog just love?

This is the time to get really creative and try to build in the kennel features that you would like. A sketch or drawing is fine and the best three designs will be put on our blog and as a thank you, we  will also send you £100 of dog travel products.

So get your thinking caps on and please email your entry to We are excited about seeing your creations and ideas. If we get an outstanding application we will also look at trying to actually build this kennel in our workshop.

Please don’t worry if you’re not great at art , even an emailed list of what you would like to see will also be considered. Please take a look at our existing range of dog kennels for inspiration.

So let us know what dog kennel features are important to you and get drawing. We would like all entries by May 31st. Remember the best 3 designs will win £100 worth of dog travel products free.


Good luck


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