Dog Breeding Kennel Installed

New dog breeding kennel has just been installed for a customer in the Preston area. During lockdown we received a call from Alan & Chantel Frew who were looking for some new thermal kennels for his 8 dogs he has. They are a breeder of dachshunds in the Nory

Obviously under normal circumstances he could have come and viewed our demonstrator kennel at our offices, but this was impossible as people were being told to stay at home. He wanted some breeder kennels that would outlast and be stronger and more durable than the grp dog kennels.

When we spoke to him about the significant differences between the two systems he thought the benefits of much higher thermal qualities and the added levels of security were a major advantage.

More recently prices for puppies have been driven up by supply and demand during lockdown with some puppies costing 300% more now than before. This has not been missed by the organized gangs looking for new opportunities.

With some pups now costing £4500 each a litter can net the criminals vast sums of money so they are looking for opportunities to break in and take litters of pedigree dogs. They monitor social channels for news about new puppy litters and then start to work out the best way to steal your new arrivals.

Not a day goes by without some breeder putting a heartbreaking message out on Facebook and other sites to say that they were stolen during the night and pleading for help to find them. This is why we believe that’s important to manufacture a kennel that is very difficult to break into, we believe kennel security should be top of the list for any breeders looking for kennels.

Building the dog breeding kennel during lockdown was a challenge, but we had the team working in bubbles and taking extra care where they could with personal hygiene routines increased and social distancing during the installation of the kennels.

I’m pleased to say that we managed this effectively and Mr Frew and his wife Chantel seem delighted with their new breeding kennels.

“We contacted Tim about our new kennels as we wanted something a little bespoke. Eventually we ordered a kennel that exceeds the new licensing guidelines. The new kennels are fantastic and we are delighted with them. Tim communicated throughout and the team that built them were very professional and friendly. We would have no hesitation in recommending Easy Animal to our friends and fellow breeders”

If any dog breeders are out there who would like to know more then please send us an email on or call our knowledgeable team on 01785 559555 and we will gladly help you. Also please take a look at range of bespoke dog breeder kennels

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