How To Install A Dog Kennel & Run

Choosing the right location for your  dog kennel and run is so important, so many people make this mistake and without considering the implications just dive straight in. Often they don’t realise how this will impact on them until it’s too late.

Even if you are building a single kennel for your dog in your garden its important to consider the position of your kennel and run so that it is in the best position for your dog. There are many factors to think about and hopefully this guide will help you to avoid any mistakes.

It doesn’t really matter how much space you have available as the same applies but in a smaller space you perhaps have more restrictions obviously. So the key points to consider are as follows:

  1. Wind

Wind direction is so important as you don’t really want the wind blowing straight into the run area or the kennel door. Most frequent winds are westerly winds so try to position the back of the kennel facing the winds so the more open aspect of the kennel is protected from the winds.

This will make a huge difference to the temperature of the kennel if your dogs can escape these winds they will thank you for it. If its not possible to do this then at least think about fitting some 3/4 high or solid panels to give you some shelter from the wind.

  1. Sunlight

Direct sun makes huge differences to the temperature to a kennel so workout where your sun rises and where it sets and try to position your kennel so your run is not north facing facing. Ideally the sleeping area should be facing the north then this will be cooler and also the runs should be south facing so that they dry out quickly in the sunlight.

All dogs need to escape the heat particularly during the middle of the day when the sun is at its highest so make sure you have some protection from the sun by fitting roofs in the run areas.

  1. Slope

If your land slopes then water will drain to the low points and if your dog kennel and run is located in a boggy area then every time you access your kennel the ground will get very muddy and this naturally will end up in your kennel. Keeping your kennel clean will keep your dogs healthy so the drier the location the cleaner your dogs,

Should you not be able to avoid this then consider building a hard surface path to your kennel to try to keep off the mud and wet ground.

  1. Noise

Dogs will bark and will annoy your neighbours so try to place the kennels as far away from them as possible to avoid confrontation. Noise pollution is a major factor and if you don’t consider this you could easily fall out with your neighbours quickly. A dog left in the kennel and run can often bark continually and this will invade your neighbours privacy so this is a very important consideration.

If you have to put a kennel against a neighbours boundary then try to position the sleeping area against the fence so the run is facing away from them. Then try to buy materials for your kennel that reduce the barking noise with good acoustic properties.

  1. Position

Always try to position your kennels away from your drive or a road as any traffic or movement will alert the dogs and possibly set them off barking. If the kennels are located away from movement then the quieter your kennels will be.

Should this not be possible then try to at least screen your dog kennel and run with fencing or hedge so that the dogs can’t see any movement or people approaching

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