Dog Theft is a Growing Problem

Pet theft is increasing. Not a day passes when you don’t see an appeal for a missing pet or dog. Recently Easy Animal signed  a petition to make pet theft a crime where an offence results in a custodial sentence.

As it stands at the moment over 66,000 people have signed this petition and we need to get to 100,000 names before this will be debated in parliament, so there is still a way to go.

Our concern is that without a change in the law criminals will see this as a soft crime and one that they know they more than likely won’t get locked away for. Therefore, without a real deterrent this crime is sure to escalate.

During lockdown the cost of pedigree puppies has rocketed over 300% in some cases meaning that some puppies now are sold for over £4000 each. This significant rise has not gone unnoticed by the organized crime gangs who stand to make large sums if they can seize a litter of pups.

They monitor your social media posts and then come up with a plan to steal your dogs whilst you are out or asleep. This can be devastating news for dog breeders who have spent many years developing their blood lines in a particular breed.

These criminals know that if they get caught then there will probably be no custodial sentence so this encourages them to continue with this appalling trade.

So many victims and their families suffer distress as a result of pet theft, and for the breeders this can destroy their livelihoods too.

Without legislation that deters them the nation of pet owners and breeders are relying on putting in their own security to try to protect their animals. I’m not sure how much importance or effort the police put in chasing these people down but the feedback we have had is that this is quite low on their priorities.

Politicians need to debate this rising issue as a matter of urgency which is why we need you to go and sign this petition and get your friends too. Its quick and easy to do this just click on the following and share

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