Foal Farm Animal Ambulance Appeal

Foal Farm are trying to raise funds for their new animal ambulance . Their current vehicle is 12 years old now and unfortunately with the new ULEZ charge it will cost them £12.50 every time they go to fetch a sick animal or take one to the vets.

Currently the ambulance is used everyday so the costs will mount up significantly and eat into funds that could be used for better purposes.

Sadiq Kahn’s dreaded charging scheme is being expanded to cover most of London, and this new stealth tax is going to hit so many animal businesses in Greater London and Kent border.

From 29th August 2023, the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is expanding across all London boroughs.  As they are based just within Greater London on the border with Kent, they will be forced to pay the ULEZ charge every time they use their animal ambulance. So the plan is to urgently raise funds for the new animal ambulance by this date so they can continue this much needed service

The new vehicle will be used in rescue missions, where animals are saved from abuse and neglect so its a real lifesaver.

Please can you help them by liking this post and sharing it amongst your family and friends, the more people can see this the better chance they have of raising these urgent funds. They  have set up a Crowdfunder campaign to try and raise the funds needed to buy a new vehicle so please see the link for the new animal ambulance vehicle

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