How to Choose a Dog Cabin

If the recent arctic cold spell has taught dog owners anything, it’s the importance of choosing the right dog cabin uk.

Historically all dogs used to live outdoors and they thrived in all weather conditions. Dogs were bought up to survive in extreme weather conditions and this is still true today for many breeds. All working dogs, farm dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs the list goes on.

Whilst they do not necessarily all live outdoors many of them prefer the outdoor environment as they generate their own warmth if they have an outdoor dog cabin or kennel to shelter in.

As dogs gradually became considered as pets and taken indoors, we introduced them to an environment that is alien to them and artificially heated and many dogs really suffer in these hot dry environments. They tend to pant a lot more and experience issues with their coats and often develop skin conditions.

Only the other day I saw a working spaniel running around the park with a knitted jumper on, and you start to question whether the dog would choose to wear this when its running around generating its own heat?

So what does make a good dog cabin house?

To make an effective dog cabin outdoors you need to consider some or all of the following aspects of a cabin when designing this. Many people think they know how to build a dog cabin but they often fail to get it right in our opinion.


Your dog will generate its own heat but ideally that needs to be retained for as long as possible so getting one with good thermal properties will keep your dog happy and healthy. Not all cabins that claim to be insulated are actually that effective, so do your homework before deciding. An insulated cabin will be appreciated by your dog and will enable you to keep your dog fit and well all year around.


Choose a supplier that offers a cabin that is safe for your dog. All edges need to be protected so your dog cant come to any harm. Ideally a cabin that has a fire rating is a good choice too although the majority of dog cabins for sale have no fire protection.

We often see GRP dog cabins that are fitted with approximately 50 of these round nuts on the inside. This is a real cause for concern as if one of them works free and your dog swallows it then it could be a real health issue. Our view is that these type of cabins are unsafe to use and should come with a safety warning.


We all want to buy a cabin that will last for life but a lot of materials are not structural and could have a short shelf life. Try to choose a dog pen cabin that really will perform in the long term, its sometimes wiser to pay a little more and get one that will perform in the long term.

Anti Chew

All edges need to be capped so that dogs can’t get their teeth into them. Powerful mouthed dogs can destroy a flimsy cabin in minutes, so choose one that is manufactured from strong durable materials.


A cabin needs to be wipe clean, antibacterial and wont harbor germs and disease. Wood dog cabins are impossible to clean properly and can cause health issues so make sure you have a wipe clean surface as daily cleaning is important for your dog’s health.

Dog Cabin Size

Its important to buy one that is the right size for your breed. Obviously the larger your dog will require a larger space. Bear in mind that some designs will have a draught screen in to protect your dog from the elements so the whole cabin is not used for sleeping purposes.

Dogs are denning animals and like to curl up in a dark space as they feel safe and secure, so pay close attention to when they are asleep as this should give you an idea on what dog cabin size you require.


At Easy Animal we pride ourselves on making the best dog cabin uk, design and performance is everything. Our range of thermal dog cabins are being recognized by police forces and working dog owners as a superior product that is fit for purpose.

Take a look at our growing range of insulated cabins. Feel free to email us if you need to know anything or if you require something manufacturing that is bespoke by emailing us at

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