How to Protect Your Kennels During Storms

As our weather systems become more extreme its so important to protect your kennels. The recent few weeks have bought many storms and situations of extreme weather to many areas of the UK.

First we were battered by Storm Barra then we had Malik, Corrie, Dudley and as I write this we are in the middle of the most damaging one so far in Storm Eunice. This one is predicted to be the most severe storm for decades and will leave a trail of destruction to so many people.

Gardens, houses and possessions are all at risk which of course is really bad news. However, spare a thought for people with dogs who have their dogs in kennels. Working dogs, dog breeders and boarding kennels are all at risk of wind speeds more than 70 mph which will leave a trail of destruction and possibly threaten lives.

It will certainly leave a lasting impression on so many dog owners who have built their business up over many years to possibly find it all gone in a few hours of very extreme weather. We had a call from a kennel owner who had a kennel built by a competitor and he lost 9 of his 10 kennels as the roof was just ripped clean off.

Its so important to ensure that your kennel has been installed correctly with the right materials as so few are. Unfortunately, many people buy a kennel on price alone and then leave their dogs to chance in these high winds.

This week kennels in North Yorkshire were hit by Storm Dudley and tragically Cuckavelda Gundogs lost 13 of their pedigree dogs as a tree fell bringing down a powerline. This sadly electrified all the galvanized dog runs causing a catastrophe for them.

In previous blogs we have given advice on how to protect your dogs in extreme weather but here are a few pointers for all kennel owners.

Take down branches and trees around your kennel

Falling trees and branches can cause havoc for outdoor dog kennels. Some of these can be very heavy and do cause structural damage to any kennel in proximity.

Power lines should be underground

Where possible your mains power should be underground, I know its more expensive but well worth it in the long term.

Regular checks on the roof and fixings

Ideally you should make periodic checks to the roofs, walls and dog runs to see if any fixings need adjusting. A flying kennel component can cause a lot of damage to dogs and people.

Check your kennel insurance

Having invested in your kennels hard earned money, you want to ensure they last. Make sure that your kennels are fully protected and mentioned on your policy so that if the worst happens you can be confident, they will pay out.

Buy a long-term structural kennel

So many kennel manufacturers build kennels from materials that are just not structural. At Easy Animal our insulated kennels have been tested by structural engineers to ensure that they can survive extreme weather.

Buying a kennel for the long term is important as the longer they last the more cost effective they are.

Keep your dogs safe

We hope that all your dogs are safe during these storms and that you can take the necessary measures to protect your kennels. If you do suffer any damage then please get in touch as we can help you to rebuild your damaged kennels. If its just dog run panels that are damaged, then we keep large stocks of all the mesh and bar panels for your runs.

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