How Will Covid 19 Affect Boarding Kennels?

Amidst this confusion and panic that is touching the whole society currently,  many people are still trying to go about their daily lives. Boarding kennels in the UK usually house dogs when their owners go away and with the current travel restrictions its becoming clear that most people are cancelling or at least delaying their holidays and travel plans.

This alone will have a very negative impact on kennel bookings and their livelihood and we foresee a situation where kennel owners  could struggle to retain their kennel customers.  Unfortunately during the holiday season they could be faced with many cancellations and an empty kennel at a time when they are normally fully booked.  Of course no-one really knows how this will pan out but its starting to look ominous.

As more people are encouraged to work from home this means that more people will spend quality time with their dogs.  We are expecting there to be an increasing demand for dog runs and smaller kennels for their gardens as dogs still need the fresh air and exercise during their daily routine.

We are assured that dogs cannot carry or transmit Coronavirus so this at least is great news as people can still enjoy and interact with them. Owners of boarding kennels in the UK are also concerned about human interaction and we have had a couple of boarding kennels buying dog run panels from us this week so that the dog is put in an isolation area or even an isolation kennel to hand over the dog. This seems like a policy that makes good sense and we expect more of this to happen in the near future.

Above all else we hope that everyone stays healthy and enjoys more quality time with their dogs. For those interested in finding out what we do please take a quick look at our range of  commercial dog kennels

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