Insulated Kennels are Essential in Cost of Living Crisis

Faced with rising high energy prices the time has never been more critical to find a warm solution for your dog with the right insulated kennels. Electric costs to heat a kennel are going through the roof and these energy costs are going to be a major factor this winter.

We have already witnessed unprecedented numbers of dogs appearing in shelters for rehoming. I was recently talking to the Dogs Trust and they are astounded by the number of high quality young dogs being passed onto them.

Whichever way you will heat your kennel space its important to find the right product that will give you the lowest running costs. Of course, these new higher power prices could be here in the long term so now is the time to act and make these savings.

Many companies that build kennels claim that their material is insulated when it actually offers little thermal benefit. So many people have been caught out believing that it’s a warm solution when the kennel space requires energy pumping into it to retain any heat at all. Unfortunately plastic, GRP Eco friendly materials do not perform satisfactory in our opinion.

If you forget about the price of the kennels to buy, the question you should be asking is ‘what are the running costs of these kennels?’, as a poorly insulated kennel will saddle you with high running costs.

As a company we decided to bring in a material that does perform thermally, does keep your kennel space warm with very low running costs and is a building that will create the best environment for your dogs.

We want you to care for your dogs properly and ensure that they are warm without having to worry about the running costs which is why our material is best in kennelling with operating costs from as low as 3p per hour.

This winter please don’t waste your energy on trying to heat a kennel with little or zero thermal benefit. For further details on our insulated kennels solutions please email us on


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