Insulated Kennels For Dogs v Thermal Kennels

Is there a difference between insulated kennels for dogs and thermal kennels? This is a question we get asked a lot in-fact  every week, so we thought we would write a post to explain.

The definition of insulated is ‘to cover, line, or separate with a material that prevents or reduces the passage, transfer, or leakage of heat’ and the definition of thermal is ‘designed to aid or promote the retention of heat’

This might disappoint a few out there but there is absolutely no difference in the meaning of these two words. In the mysterious world of kennel manufacturers many companies would have you believe that there material is better than another companies and some use a whole array of words to make you believe that theirs is the holy grail of heat performance.

Believe it or not there are even manufacturers of wooden kennels who are claiming that these retain heat! I won’t shame them on here!

As our climate has changed we are living in an era when our planet is warming, and our weather systems changing, so now it becomes even more important that our animal housing is fit for purpose. This means that our insulated kennels for dogs or our thermal kennels, must deal with extreme weather in the cold winter and also on the very hot days too.

Any well insulated kennel or cattery for that too needs protect our dogs and cats from suffering in conditions that are too high or low. What we are trying to achieve is a nice environment with few fluctuations between 10 and 20 degrees.

The new guidelines for kennels have recognised this so its important that your kennel can achieve this. Obviously some breeds will prefer it slightly warmer or cooler and a lot depends on the breed or coat of the dog. It makes good sense that a long haired breed would want it cooler and a short coat slightly warmer.

If you kennel housing is poorly insulated then the only way to achieve the above range is to add heat which obviously is expensive and an ongoing cost. This is often misunderstood by people buying these kennels and what they should really be doing is doing the research to find out the thermal properties before they buy.

Significant heating costs mount up over the years so its often a false economy to just go for the cheapest kennel believing the manufacturers claims. Our advice to all kennel and cattery owners whether this is for commercial or home use is to ask for the data sheet to prove their claims.

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