Is Your Dog Run and Kennel Secure?

Unfortunately this week another baby was mauled to death by a dog who escaped his dog run and kennel. This really sad news seems to be an increasingly regular occurrence with many dogs attacking owners, children and the general public.

The dog attack happened in Doncaster, South Yorkshire when a Chow Chow mixed breed dog jumped up over its dog run and kennel and mauled the 12 day old baby. The mother Abigail Ellis said ‘ I think he was jealous when the new baby came along and all the attention he was getting. Or maybe he thought the baby was a toy, he was a tiny thing and only six pounds something when he was born.

During lockdown, many people have taken on dogs and bought puppies, no doubt a large percentage without properly understanding their traits and researching the breed properly. Certainly all new parents need to be acutely aware of this potential problem as a baby upsets the equilibrium and dogs can react badly when they get jealous.

Our advice is to never leave young children alone with your dog at anytime and ensure that you always have a secure area to contain your dog at certain times.

Another issue this has highlighted is that many people who have a dog run never actually fit a roof to it as they believe that it is secure. Dogs can jump surprisingly high at times when they want to and some dogs can even jump over a standard dog panel height of 6ft.

We believe that It is essential to fit a secure roof on any dog run and kennel as this will prevent the dogs from escaping. It also has the benefit of providing shade and protection from the rain and elements. A loose dog is a real problem for any neighbourhood as it could cause a road traffic accident and is a danger to itself and society.

It is paramount that all dogs are contained in a compound or dog run facility at times when they cant be with the family. If anyone would like any advice on how to make their dog run safe, then we are more than happy to give them free advice on the best way to do this.

We have been selling dog runs and dog containment products for over 12 years now and we are more than happy to help a customer on this. Please call us on 01785 559555 or email us on

Its time we took action and made sure that are dog runs are safe and that these dog attacks are prevented.

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