Kennel Bases- Get It Right

Most customers will need  new kennel bases for their new kennel. However this is where the challenge really starts  as most customers dont have the knowledge or experience in this field.

Fortunately at Easy Animal we have many years of advising and checking bases for customers and we do this totally free of any charge. Your base is the foundation for your new building so unless you choose the right company you potentially with have many years of ongoing issues to deal with.

Any investment into kennels or any use deserves the right foundation, one that will last and drain correctly. Ideally the base needs to be strong with the right composition of concrete or you will get movement and cracking. The groundworks and sub structure need to be correct and of course this has to have the right drains in the right places.

Dealing with waste water will be a daily process for the base and it needs to not collect or pool in any area. This waste water needs to be taken away into y0ur tank with the right inspection points and filters or traps located correctly. Perhaps most importantly your kennel bases need to be non porous so that dog urine does not soak in. Get this wrong and you will always have foul smells in your kennel which your customers will notice.

There are other aspects to consider like the final  treatment for your base, whether you are going for a power floated surface or whether you will lay a resin screed or possibly even  tile this afterwards. We can help you with these difficult decisions and will guide you through this process.

One of the biggest challenge will be to choose the right company to lay your kennel bases. Ensuring they have the knowledge and experience to deliver your base successfully at the right cost. Its often a case of not choosing the cheapest as an engineered concrete base takes time and experience.

Fortunately we work with a number of companies that cover the whole of the UK and specialise in this area.  When we go to site we will survey the base for you but sadly then it is too late to make major adjustments if it is wrong. Concrete sets quicky so before you pour the new kennel bases then feel free to talk to us on 01785 55955.

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