Need a Secure Outdoor Dog Kennel?

Never before has there been a more secure outdoor dog kennel. Dog theft is on the rise which is a major concern for all dog owners, particularly with pedigree dogs values rising each year.

If you need any confirmation of how large a problem this is just go onto Facebook and see how many appeals there are each day for missing dogs.  Alternatively go onto a dedicated website for helping missing dogs to be reunited with their owners.

After a number of years studying kennel systems, we came to the conclusion that they just weren’t fit for purpose. Every kennel system on the market would be so easy to break into with ease.

Most kennels are either screwed together or nailed together, so easy to unscrew or jemmy apart. They all used two hinges on the doors, so it was easy to get a crowbar in and prise open.

The locks were flimsy, and these could be smashed open so easily to steal the dogs within the kennels.

When two litters of pedigree dogs were stolen locally in two successive nights, we realised we had to do something. So we set out to build the most secure kennels in the UK.

Our insulated kennels have a unique secure system of fixing the walls together which is totally hidden and not visible. This means it would be extremely difficult for an intruder to get access into the kennel through the walls.

Then we fitted anti-tamper hinges, so there is no place for someone to fit a crowbar in to lift the door off. We decided it was best to ensure that the hinge fixings are internal and not visible. This way it is impossible for a determined person to unscrew the hinges and remove the door.

Next, we installed the best high security locks to the kennel doors which are by far one of the most secure locking systems currently on the market. The whole mechanism is made from stainless steel and it has a cylinder and a key operated hook bolt. This would fare up well in the event someone attacked it with a tool such as a hammer or chisel. This is also made much harder to achieve because the hook bolt its fully inserted into the door frame itself.

These high quality locks are expensive to buy and install, but what price do you put on your family dog? Or maybe you’re a dog breeder with a litter costing you many thousands of pounds. Dog safety is at the top of our list of criteria when we are planning and designing a new kennel for the market.

All the measures we have taken will help to deter criminals from stealing your dogs, but we are continually looking for ways to make our kennel system more secure.

If you would like details on our secure outdoor dog kennel or our insulated dog kennels, then please email us on or call us on 01785559555.

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