New Insulated Dog Cabin

We wanted to buildĀ  the best insulated dog cabin on the market, in the hope that they will be suitable for any breed, any situation and location.

Having considered the strengths and weaknesses of other companies that made these dog cabins, our team decided to try to build a better, stronger more durable dog cabin.

After brain storming a few ideas we came up with a unique system that could easily be flat-packed and sent out on a pallet. These new cabins will allow the customer to easily build these up and this way it gets around any issues with getting them through narrow doorways.

Another benefit is that by building these in this way then a customer could easily take these apart, transport them and erect them at a new location with minimal fuss.

The material we use in these is the same as we use in our commercial dog kennels, so we know that these are well proven. These dog cabins have been designed to last in the long term and there are not any stronger, more durable ones currently available.

We wanted to make sure these cabins not only looked great but were completely chew-proof and not have the same issues as grp dog cabins. They are wipe clean with good levels of scratch resistance which is an important factor when trying to maintain hygiene.

These insulated cabins have excellent thermal benefits in fact these are 6 times more thermally efficient than grp dog cabins. This means that it is a warmer better environment for dogs as you can overcome some of the extreme temperatures during hot and cold times.

The cabins were originally designed for police dogs or high drive dogs as their integral strength means that they can cope with any type of dog. One of the main benefits of the cabins is their strength, they are exceptionally strong and durable and they are designed to last in the long term.

We build these in two sizes large and extra large and they are available in two colours white and woodgrain. If you would like some details on these insulated dog cabin, then please email us on or call us on 01785 559555.

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