New Police Dog Kennels for Staffordshire Police

We have just installed another police dog kennels for the Staffordshire force. We were approached by them about a year ago and asked to build a better system than the GRP kennels that they currently used. They were looking for a stronger more durable kennel that would last longer and importantly could be easily taken down and moved to a new site.

The senior dog handler and trainer PC Matt Holding came to see us and viewed our demonstrator kennel so he could understand the main differences between the two systems. He could clearly understand that these were more robust and much stronger than the GRP kennels their officers used at present.

With better thermal qualities, and a much more structural kennel he could see how these kennels could last for over 20 years. They were obviously looking for long term value for money and liked the fact these kennels were so strong with longevity. Even though these kennels were at a slightly higher price point for the initial investment, in the long term they worked out at a lower cost overall.

Once his superior had seen these insulated kennels, he agreed that all the new handlers will get one of these kennels as they performed so well. All these kennels are automatically fitted with high security locks and anti-tamper hinges to make sure the dogs were safe at night.

Our unique positive fixing system also meant that if a handler moved or relocated to a new area that moving the kennel could easily be done without incurring any damage.

These kennels are manufactured on a raised platform with adjustable feet, so they can easily be located onto any surface and can be adjusted if the ground is uneven. This also can save considerable amounts of money as you don’t need to go to the expense of putting down an expensive concrete base.

As these kennels have excellent thermal qualities, it is very easy to maintain a temperature within the sleeping areas. We recommend that radiant panel heaters with thermostats are fitted to the ceiling internally and then you can just dial up the required temperature. These efficient kennel heaters are very cost effective to run and only use about 3p per hour. It is easy to see how much you can save on your heating bills during the colder spells.

We are very pleased to be working with Staffordshire Police on this ongoing project to develop and upgrade all their police dog kennels. If you are a dog handler and would like to see one of these police dog kennels, then please drop us an email to or call us on 01785 559555.

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