Our Thermal Kennels & Runs Are on TV

Our thermal kennels and runs were on television this week as some of the kennels we installed in Manchester for the Street Paws charity were on ‘This Morning’ tv. Michelle Southern the founder of the charity is delighted with the kennels we have installed and her team are working hard to raise funds to install further kennels around the UK.

If a homeless person has a dog they cannot get help and assistance at a homeless centre unless they have a kennel facility. These kennels are designed so a homeless person can sleep inside them with their dogs. Street Paws is a fabulous charity doing such great work and making a real difference to homeless peoples lives. We are proud to be associated with them and helping them with all their thermal kennel s and runs requirements. There is nothing better than knowing that the product you are installiong is making such a big difference to people who are struggling in society.

So far we have installed thermal kennels in Manchester, Leeds and Northumberland, supported 16 animals, and prevented 12 people from becoming homeless. They are currently trying to raise important funds so if anyone can help in any way please check the following link

Our hope is that we can continue to build these in homeless centres all over the UK as every region all over the country desparately needs these to give homeless people a chance for help and assistance. We manufacture a wide range of kennels in our unit in Stone, Staffordshire, take a look at full range of insulated dog kennels




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