Our Top 5 Tips to Help Your Dog During Isolation-Easy Animal

At Easy Animal we wanted to share our 5 top tips to keep you and your dog stimulated during this time of self isolation.

Most dog owners are concerned during these difficult times as the government has placed these restrictions to try to help the nation. For the majority of dog owners these means a restriction of only one walk a day which comes as a huge blow for those that walk there dogs multiple times.

If your dog is used to three or four walks a day it can be very challenging for not only the dogs but the owners too, particularly for the more active dogs with lots of energy.

The advice is to stay indoors which can seem harsh but this is for our safety. Those who are fortunate to have a garden or yard can at least try their best to stimulate them and to exercise them even if the space is quite small.

When you do venture out for your one a day walk try to avoid the regular places people walk as these will be crowded and you need to stay at least two metres away. So try to walk away from heavily populated areas and keep your dog on a lead at all times. If that’s not possible, there are lots of stimulating ways to keep your dog happy and healthy within the confines of your own home and garden.

Here are a few tips and suggestions to help you through this challenging time:

1 Play Hide & Seek.

Most dogs just love trying to find their owners so hide well and see how long it takes them to find you.

2 Have a Treasure Hunt

Hide them their favourite treats around the house or garden and encourage them to find them. Dogs just love sniffing out these and you exercise their sense of smell.

3 Create an Agility Course

Your dog will love this if you go to the trouble to make that you can from old cardboard boxes and bamboo canes stuck int the lawn. Once you have one set up keep teaching your dog to complete and time them.

4 Play Fetch

This classic dog game can keep them busy for hours in fact its usually the owners that tire of this game first. Just throw them a ball or their favourite toy and encourage them to retrieve this rewarding them when they do.

5 Stuff a Kong Toy with Treats

If you’re exhausted and need a break fill a Kong toy or equivalent toy with treats and watch them slowly work out how to retrieve them. Sometimes its good to put these in the freezer so that the treats are more difficult to retrieve.

We hope this helps you and keeps your days filled with fun for you and your dogs. Stay safe from everyone at Easy Animal

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