Professional Kennel Block

Our range is expanding so too is our reputation! We are getting an increasing request by baording kennels and breeders to produce for them a new kennel block.

In our business there is no such thing as standard size or layout as every job we quote on is different to the last one. We pride ourselves on being diverse and flexible, we love nothing more than working with clients to give them exactly what they are looking for.

This often really stretches our imagination and means that we need to think outside the box to find a solution. Sometimes this can be a challenge but we do like to go the extra mile where other companies just wont go.

Being innovative and coming up with new materials and new ways to craft them is what sets us apart. we work with one common goal and that is to make a kennel block that the customer is proud to own.

Fortunately we have a great team who are enthusiastic which makes all the difference. We spend quite a lot on new product development and we want to be recognised as the leaders in kennel design.

If youre looking for a new kennel block then you don’t want a bog standard one, you want a really great one. We will talk to you about the differences between what we offer and what others make as you really need to understand the differences.

You will need to understand the pitfalls and why we don’t use certain materials that others do. We always say the best way to fully understand this is to come and see one of our kennels, we always keep a demonstrator kennel at the office so you can see this. Normally when a customer sees this they quickly understand why our kennels cost more than the others.

Whilst these may cost slightly more than others if they last three times longer then they work out cheaper in the long run.

Our kennel systems are completely bespoke and you can have as many or as few features that you like. We will talk to you about the possibilities but we will try to tailor this to your budget. For a fantastic, fit for purpose kennel block then come and talk to leaders in kennel design.

If your looking for something larger then take a look at our state of the art commercial kennels

Drop us an email on or call us on 01785 559555, together we can construct a kennel to be proud of.


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Tailored kennel or cattery designs to match your unique specification whilst meeting UK legislation.

Made to Measure. Built to Last.

Tested by structural engineers

We wanted to produce animal housing that really lasts so we have had our system tested structurally.

Withstands most extreme weather

Imagine the most extreme weather situation and ask yourself will your kennel or cattery survive this, heavy snowfall, gale-force winds, driving rain? Ours will.