Quarantine Kennels provide an important role

Quarantine kennels provide a vital and important role for all boarding kennels across the UK. Whether you call them quarantine or isolation kennels they fulfil the important requirement for every boarding kennel.

All boarding kennels from time to time will have an issue with a dog that becomes ill. When this happens the kennel owners need to move fast as they potentially could pass this onto other dogs in the kennels.

DEFRA’s new guidelines state that all boarding kennels should have a quarantine kennel to be able to isolate dogs who are sick. If the dogs are infectious with something like kennel cough then it becomes vital that an Isolation kennel is available away from the main kennel area to prevent a spread to other dogs. Having this type of facility is so important as they have many uses and not just the role of housing sick or unwell dogs.

Kennel cough is also significant danger with boarding kennels due to the close proximity of dogs with each other and the potential to cross contaminate. This highly infectious respiratory disease is spread between dogs and kennels that don’t have strict guidelines for checking kennel cough vaccinations, which put your dog at risk.

Quarantine kennels also provide an important role for dogs that just don’t settle well in the kennel environment as there is always the option to use this kennel for dogs that are noisy, unsettled or maybe nervous. As this kennel is away from the main block it is quieter and will help dogs to relax more if they tend to get distressed.

Kennels can be stressful environment for dogs because of the noise. Most kennels will have lots of dogs staying and the sound of dogs barking or whining, or having to be exercised with a pack of dogs can be unsettling.

All kennels should have a quarantine kennel as they provide such an important role in the care of dogs. We do build a wide range of commercial dog kennels so if you’re interested please take a look.

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